Click Titles For Reviews Of Last Weekend's (Mar 11th) Box Office Top 5:
#1 Zootopia | #2 10 Cloverfield Lane | #3 Deadpool | #4 London Has Fallen | #5 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

New Releases (Mar 11th): 10 Cloverfield Lane | The Brothers Grimsby


DeadPool - Great! Funny! Ryan Reynolds Perfect! Intelligent! Lots of subtle humor.

How To Be Single - Funny, great cast, shows good and bad of single life.

The Hateful Eight - Little too long. Some great dialogue. Good, not Tarentino's best.

13 Hours - Great action, great story of brave men that gave everything.

Star Wars The Force Awakens - Very entertaining. Great space dogfights. Good use of Han's character.

Love The Coopers - More drama than comedy. Decent cast. Olivia Wilde's storyline best.

My All American - Good movie, cast and story. Little drawn out at end.

Spotlight - Great Screenplay, Great Cast. Tragic story though, a real shame.

The Visit - Reality scary - Good story line, but to easy to figure out.

The Visit - Terrible! Want my 2 hours back. Learn from my mistake!

No Escape - Lots of action. Scary Subject. Wonder what I would do.

Rocky Horror Picture Show - Awesome, if you see it with a real Rocky audience.

Edge Of Tomorrow - Cool fun movie. Action movie version of Groundhog Day. Clever.

Southpaw - Good movie, great acting. More than just a boxing movie.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation - Great action and acting. Little too long. Tom Cruise Rocks!

Expendables 2 - Fun to watch. Don't take to seriously. They're getting OLD.

Bourne Legacy - Good addition to Bourne series! Renner does a great job.

Saving Private Ryan - Amazing! Beach Battle should be watched by today's younger generation.

Die Hard 2 - Great Sequel. Original story but still links to first movie.

Die Hard - Perfect "Everyday Man" action film. Great humor and action mix.